Simple, flexible deployment for your react app

React Deploy CLI automates your application deployment process with revision history features. Thus allowing user to activate the version they want.

  • gzip's your files before uploading to s3 bucket.
  • generates a unique fingerprint of the deployed application.
  • show's different versions of the application.
  • activate your app by using the fingerprint id.
  • clears cache maintained by service-worker.js in cloudfront.


React Deploy CLI can be globally or locally installed by using
npm i -g react-deploy
npm i react-deploy -S

$ npm i -g react-deploy-cli_

Installing react deploy cli_


$ react-deploy setup_

✓ Deployment file created_

➡ Type help command to proceed further_

$ react-deploy deploy development_



React Deploy CLI manages deployment procedure of your react app to S3 bucket and maintains different versions.


We can get the list of deployed app versions using list command.

$ react-deploy list development_

listing deployed files

┌─────────────┬───────────────────┐ RevisionKey │ Commit Date ├─────────────┼───────────────────┤ index:cba170b │ 2018/04/03 21:25:34 └────────────┴────────────────────┘

$ react-deploy activate cba170b development _

Activating index file of key cba170b_

Activated successfully_



Activation of revision can be done by using simply activate followed by key. Here, key is unique fingerprint generated after successfully deploying app to s3 bucket.

deploy code easily with versioning features
— Suman Kunwar


Focusing On What Matters Most

React-deploy CLI automates the deployment process of react application to s3. It maintains different versions of the application and activate's the version you want in production.

We believe every deployed application should have revisioning features where one can pick the deployed version anytime and activate it.

We build tool which help to deploy your react application to s3 bucket or any instances using ssh, having versioning and activation features .



Tools and libaries from us

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